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See what our patients are saying about Medical and HCG Weight Loss at Veritas Medical Center.

“My weight loss program with Veritas has been very successful so far. I’m half way done and 30 lbs down. Dr. Du and his staff are amazing! Overall I would definitely recommend this program!”

Jessica A. / Corona, CA

“Awesome weight loss center that keeps you motivated to lose weight! There are so many great ways I never knew to stay on track! If you really want to lose weight this is the place to go! Everyone is friendly! Cory is amazing and so positive! I would recommend to everyone striving to lose weight and stay fit!!”

Vanessa C. / Corona, CA

“From size 18-20 to size 12-14! Total of 60 pounds gone since 04/23/2017! I went through many obstacles while on this weight loss journey but Veritas Medical Center stayed with me all the way! They were so very kind and encouraging letting me know I could do it. No more insulin shots and I’m feeling great. Thank you Veritas Medical Center. Many Blessings upon you all!”

Lydia P.

“I’ve lost 17 pounds with the help of this weight loss center I’m supper happy with my results and still expecting to lose more. The girls are helpful, attentive, and are willing to listen. They keep me on track and motivated every week. HcG, B12, appetite suppressants and meal plans that did the job and helped me with the weight. Thanks, guys, see you next week.”

Angelina V.

“I am so excited that I have lost 20 lbs since I started. I haven’t been at this weight in I don’t know how long. Lots more to go but confident that I will reach my goal with the help of Cory and the team at Veritas. Thanks so much. Highly recommend it.”

Denisse B.

“I am halfway through my program and have lost over 40 pounds so far. I have six weeks left and have no doubt I will achieve my goals. I’m so happy I found this gem”

Danny M.

“After following Dr. Dru’s diet plan, I’m so happy with the results after 30 days.I hit my goal, feel better and have more energy!The staff is amazing.They are very motivating and knowledgeable.I look forward to seeing them each week and jumping on that scale!”

Terri G.

“I love Veritas Medical I have lost 21 lbs in less than 6 weeks.Cory is wonderful and I love her recipes, especially the strawberry smoothie! The clinic is so posh and elegant.The staff is very supportive and positive and I love to hear their weight loss stories.”

Shani P.

“This place is awesome. My weight was 175 when I came here ( size 12 ), now I am 140 and a size 4. All I can say is wow. I have been off the diet for weeks, and I have changed my way of eating and I have not gained one pound back. This is the last weight loss place I will ever have to go to. This is weight loss for life.”

Sherry A.