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Welcome to Veritas Medical Center!

Veritas Medical Center is the premier facility for Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetic care provided by highly trained, knowledgeable, and caring medical professionals and support staff. Our mission is to promote a comfortable environment for both men and women to receive state-of-the-art skin, hair, body, and health-enhancing care they can live with to improve and rejuvenate their personal appearance and overall health.

The staff at Veritas Medical Center is dedicated to making sure that your time here with us is a stress-reducing, beauty enhancing, and mind relaxing experience. Most importantly, we will strive to provide extraordinary service to exceed the expectations of each and every client.

Veritas Medical Center is the Leading Facility for Medical Weight Loss and Aesthetic Therapy in Orange County.

Veritas Med Center Staff

Cory, Aisha, Dr. Du, Aracelli, and Stephanie