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Weight Loss Clinic Santa Ana CA

Weight Loss Clinic in Santa Ana CA

If You Are Looking for the Professional Weight Loss Center Near You in Santa Ana, Then It Is Time You Give Us a Call at Veritas Medical Center! Experienced at Medical Weight Loss Making Sure That You Are on the Right Treatment Plan. We Are Conveniently Located at 3340 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869. Visit the Professional Weight Loss Doctor in and Around Orange County, CA! Request Your Appointment.

Weight Loss Clinic in Santa Ana CA
Weight Loss Clinic in Santa Ana CA

Have you had little or no success with exercise routines or diet plans? Come to Veritas Medical Center today and speak with our experienced providers about our medical weight loss plans. Obesity has been identified as one of the top health concerns facing those living in the United States. It is linked to heart disease, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, Type 2 Diabetes, and even some cancers. We strive to take care of the patient’s overall health at Veritas Medical Center. We are the leading medical weight loss clinic in the area and are eager to serve our neighbors in Santa Ana, CA.

Our board-certified doctors and experienced staff will set attainable goals for you. We customize our weight loss program to fit your needs and goals. Our plans can include diet changes, lifestyle modifications, FDA approved medications and physical activities. We will give you the guidance and support you need to not only lose weight safely but maintain the loss for long term success without risking your health.

What makes Veritas Medical Center’s Weight Loss Program different?

The medical weight loss program we have at our clinic is supervised and being continually refined by our doctors and nutritionists. It has also received recognition and approval from the National Institute for Health and the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. This program is designed to help alleviate the health issues connected with obesity. Our combination of behavior modifications, diet, and physical activity has helped many patients in the Santa Ana, CA area. We also, from time to time, utilize FDA approved medications to increase energy, suppress appetite, and burn fat.

Your first visit to our clinic will include meeting with our staff one on one for an evaluation and weight loss consultation. From this meeting, we’ll create a customized program that fits your needs and goals. We’ll give you the coaching, tools, and support you need to achieve your goals for long-lasting results.

How does your program work at Veritas Medical Center?

First thing is first, schedule a free consultation with us at Veritas Medical Center! You’ll meet with our professionals and review your past weight loss attempts, goals, medical history, and concerns. Our providers and staff will answer any of your questions. Together, we’ll determine if our program is right for you!

Next, we’ll give you the tools you need to be successful. Our program aims to provide you with quick results that will stick using a variety of treatments. We have FDA approved medications on site that will help suppress your urge for those empty calories. Since we have them on site, you can begin your medical weight loss program the day you sign up!

To keep a healthy weight, a change of lifestyle is often needed in conjunction with a change in diet. We can provide fitness and nutrition coaching to help you make those changes. Our supportive counselors will assist you in developing plans to help make these changes stick that meet your needs and schedule. We want long term success, not a quick fix that is likely to fade over time.

Not many people realize this, but hormones play a significant role in the way your body operates. A hormone imbalance may be the stumbling block to your long-term weight loss goals. At Veritas Medical Center we can test for hormone imbalances and if we identify one, we can begin hormone therapy to help remove this obstacle.

We also have several other weight loss tools available to help our patients. These include fat burning injections that include B-Complex vitamins and amino acids. These injections will help boost a body’s metabolism which will burn fat more efficiently. We also have easy to use tools to help patients track their calorie intake, sleep, and daily exercise. We will schedule regular check-ups with our doctor to monitor your progress, so you are never alone during this journey.

Finally, we will schedule you for regular checkups and consultations. There is no quick fix to obesity, so it does take time to produce the results you desire. Our staff will monitor your weight loss progress and make adjustments to your program to ensure you stay on track.

Begin your first step towards reaching your weight loss goals and visit Veritas Medical Center today! Our weight loss clinic is located at 3340 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869 and we are only a short drive from Santa Ana, CA. Just take E 4th St eastward towards CA-55. Take that route north for about two and a half miles until you reach the Chapman Ave exit. We will be on your right after the Valvoline Instant Oil Change in nearly a mile.

Do you have questions about our medical weight loss program? Would you like to make an appointment? Call our friendly staff.