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Weight Loss Clinic Anaheim CA

Weight Loss Clinic Anaheim CA

At Veritas Medical Center, We Are Determined to Help You Get to Your Desired Weight. Weight Loss Specialists Will Work With You Every Step of the Way. We Are Conveniently Located Near You in Anaheim, at 3340 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869. We Are Open 4 Days a Week, So Call Us Today and Get More Information About Our Weight Loss Program.

Weight Loss Clinic Anaheim CA
Weight Loss Clinic Anaheim CA

Have your previous weight loss attempts failed? Have you tried every diet plan and exercise routine possible, even the new ones you’ve seen on TV? You may need some outside help. The highly experienced staff at Veritas Medical Center are ready to provide you with a customized medical weight loss plan that will help you safely reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Obesity is linked to heart disease, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, Type 2 Diabetes, and even some cancers making it a top health concern in the country. At our clinic, we take care of a patient’s overall health. Veritas Medical Center is the leading weight loss clinic in the area, and we’ve helped many patients from the OC area achieve their weight loss goals.

At our clinic, you’ll work with our experienced staff and board-certified doctors to set attainable goals. Your program will be individualized by our providers to meet your goals and needs. Your plan can include FDA approved medications, physical activities, diet changes, and lifestyle modifications. You’ll also receive the guidance and support you need to maintain your weight loss goals safely.

What makes Veritas Medical Center’s Weight Loss Program different?

Our doctors and nutritionists are continually refining this program, and they supervise its implementation. We have been recognized by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the National Institute for Health for our work on our medical weight loss program. We aim to alleviate health issues connected to obesity with our program. We use diet, physical activity, FDA approved medications and behavior modifications to help you reach your goals.

When you visit Veritas Medical Center for the first time to learn about our medical weight loss program, you’ll meet one on one with our staff. We will give you a weight loss consultation and evaluation. A customized plan will be created based on your goals and needs. Our clinic will provide you the support, tools, and coaching you need to not only meet your goals but have them become long-lasting achievements.

How does your program work at Veritas Medical Center?

The first step of our program is the easiest: Scheduling a free consultation at our clinic! During your meeting with our experienced providers, you will review with them your medical history, goals, concerns, and past weight loss attempts. This is your opportunity to ask any questions you may have about medical weight loss. We will determine, as a team, if our program is the right weight loss program for you!

At Veritas Medical Center, we give you the right tools to be successful. We use a variety of treatments that will not only begin to show results quickly but also stick and become long term successes. We keep FDA approved medications onsite, allowing you to start your medical weight loss program the very day you sign up!

A lifestyle change is often needed with diet changes to maintain a healthy weight. You can turn to us for nutritional and fitness coaching to help you make those changes. Our compassionate, supportive counselors will help you make those changes and develop the right plans to make sure those changes are not temporary. Our providers want long term success that will meet your schedule and needs, not just a quick fix.

Another area we monitor at Veritas Medical Center is your hormone levels. A hormone imbalance may be the unseen obstacle to reaching your weight loss goals. We can test you for imbalances, and if we find any, we can begin hormone therapy to help restore your hormones to support your healthy weight.

Our clinic can also provide fat burning injections that use amino acids and B-Complex Vitamins to boost your body’s metabolism. This, in turn, will help you burn fat more efficiently. Patients will also be provided with tools to help them track their daily exercise, sleep, and calorie intake.

The key to our medical weight loss program is constant monitoring by our providers. You are never alone in your weight loss journey, and we work with you as a team. You’ll be scheduled for regular checkups and consultations to make sure you are on track to meet your goals. If needed, we’ll make adjustments to your medical weight loss program to ensure continued success.

You will have regular check-ups with our doctor to monitor your progress. Never at any moment are you alone during this journey. We are a team in your healthy weight loss.

Begin your first step towards reaching your weight loss goals and visit Veritas Medical Center today! Our clinic is located at 3340 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869 and we are only a short drive from the OC. Just take CA-55 north until you reach the Chapman Ave East exit. We will be on your right after the Valvoline Instant Oil Change in about a mile.

Do you have questions about our medical weight loss program? Would you like to make an appointment? Call our friendly staff.