Veritas Medical Center

Medical Weight Loss in Orange, CA

Medical Weight Loss in Orange, CA

Veritas Medical Center Offers Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle Counseling, and Medical Options to Help You Lose Weight. We Offer Customized Weight Loss Programs. Call Us to Book an Appointment. Open 4 Days a Week. We are located at 3340 E Chapman Ave, Orange, CA 92869.

Medical Weight Loss in Orange, CA
Medical Weight Loss in Orange, CA

Have you had little or no success with previous weight loss attempts despite trying the newest diet plans and exercise routines?

Obesity is the leading health concern in the nation. Many studies have linked it with sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, and some cancers. We care about a patient’s overall health at Veritas Medical Center. As one of the leading Medical Weight Loss clinics in Orange, CA, we are ready to help you achieve your goals.

We believe in setting attainable goals and customizing your weight loss program to fit your needs and goals. Our experienced staff and physicians will individualize a plan that includes, diet, lifestyle modifications, physical activities, and FDA approved medications. Many patients have found our guidance and support have led them to meet their weight loss goals in a quick, but safe way. We want your successes to be long term without putting your health at risk.

What makes your Weight Loss Program different at Veritas Medical Center?

Our doctors and nutritionist are continually refining our medical weight loss program. The National Institute for Health has also approved this program as well as the American Society of Bariatric Physicians. There are many health issues connected to obesity, and our research reflects these concerns. They are addressed with a combination of diet, behavior modifications, and physical activity. When needed, FDA approved medications are available to increase energy, burn fat, and suppress appetite.

At your first appointment to Veritas Medical Center, you’ll begin with a weight loss consultation and evaluation with our staff. This one on one meeting will help us create a customized weight loss program that will fit your unique needs and goals. Together, we’ll develop attainable goals and give you the support, coaching, and tools you need to achieve long-lasting success.

How does HCG and Medical Weight Loss work?

Step One:
Schedule a FREE Consultation
First thing first, come and visit our center and meet with us! Call our clinic today for a free consultation with our professionals. Together, we will review your past weight loss attempts, current goals, concerns you may have, and your medical history. Our health care providers will answer any questions you may have. We will only move forward if we think our medical weight loss program is right for you!

Step Two:
We Provide the Tools You Need to Succeed

Our customized medical weight loss program is tailored to give you fast, long-lasting results through a variety of different methods.

FDA Approved Medication Dispensed On-Site
Are your cravings hard to control? FDA Approved medications will help you suppress these cravings for empty calories, and we keep them in stock at our clinic. You can begin your medical weight loss program the day you sign up!

Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

To maintain a healthy weight, you will likely need a change in not only diet but also your lifestyle. The supportive, experienced counselors at our clinic will help create a fitness and nutrition plan that will fit your schedule and needs. Long term success is our goal, not quick fixes!

Hormone Therapy

A hormone imbalance is sometimes the source of weight loss challenges. You might not even realize that your hormones need balancing. Our providers can test you at our clinic and help remove this unseen obstacle from your goals. You’d be surprised how many people don’t realize they had a hormone imbalance!

Weight Loss Tools

We provide tools to our patients so they can track their weight loss progress, including tools to track their calories, sleep, and daily exercise. B-complex vitamins and amino acid supplements will help your body boost its metabolic rate and burn fat more efficiently. Finally, we have a variety of fat burning injections to jump start your weight loss program.

Doctor’s Exams and Support During Treatment

You are never alone during your weight loss journey. We will schedule regular examinations to monitor and track your progress throughout your medical weight loss program. We will make sure you are losing weight at a healthy rate, and not endangering your overall health.

Step Three:
Regular Office Check-ups and Consultations
As with any condition, overcoming obesity is a long-term process that takes times to produce results that stick. Your weight loss program will include regular consultation and in office checkups. We’ll help you stay on track, and you can always expect support from our staff at Veritas Medical Center.
Do you want to learn more about our medical weight loss program? Call and schedule an appointment today and take your first step forward! We are ready to provide you with the support and tools to achieve your weight loss goals!