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At Veritas Medical Center, we can customize a weight loss program just for you. Medical Weight Loss can offer fast, lasting results through medication, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle counseling.


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    What makes Veritas Medical Center’s Weight Loss Program different?

    Veritas Medical Center uses a weight loss program developed by doctors and nutritionists and approved by the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and the National Institute for Health. This extensively researched program combats the health problems associated with obesity through a combination of diet, behavior modification, and physical activities. We also offer FDA approved medications that have been proven to suppress appetite, increase energy, and burn fat.

    After our doctors take you through a weight loss consultation and evaluation, they will design a unique, customized program based on your individual needs and goals. We will help you set attainable goals and provide you with the tools and coaching you need to see results.

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    Have you tried multiple diet plans or exercise routines with little to no success?

    Obesity is one of the most common health afflictions reported in the United States and can lead to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and even certain types of cancer. Veritas Medical Center cares about our patients’ overall health and works to remain one of the leading Medical Weight Loss clinics in Orange, California.

    In order to help patients achieve healthy weight loss results, our experienced physicians help patients set attainable goals and carry out a customized program that may include FDA approved medications, diet, physical activities, and lifestyle modification. With our professional guidance and support, you can reach your weight loss goals quickly, safely, and permanently.

    How does Medical Weight Loss work?

    Step One:
    Schedule a FREE Consultation

    The first step you can take towards your weight loss goals is the easiest! Simply pick up the phone and call Veritas Medical Center for a free consultation. Meet with our healthcare professionals to determine whether or not this program is right for you. Discuss your goals, concerns, and get your questions answered before you commit. You may be surprised by how easy it will be to get results!

    Step Two:
    We Provide the Tools You Need to Succeed

    The medical weight loss program provided by Veritas Medical Center is designed to deliver fast results that last through various treatments. Learn more about the ways we can help you reach your fitness goals below:

    FDA Approved Medication Dispensed On-Site

    We only use FDA Approved medications to help you reduce cravings for empty calories. All weight loss medication is dispensed directly from our office so you can start your program the day you sign up!

    Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

    Maintaining a healthy weight is a change in lifestyle, not just a change in diet. Our counselors will help you design a fitness and nutrition plan that meets your needs as well as your schedule, setting you up for long-term success!

    Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

    When diet and exercise are not producing results, chances are a hormone imbalance can be to blame. We can help determine if you have a hormonal imbalance and the exact cause so we can remove the unseen obstacle that could be standing between you and your health!

    Medical Weight Loss

    Weight Loss Tools

    The tools available to our weight loss patients help to count calories, get sufficient sleep, and exercise daily.

    Fat Burning Injections

    B-complex vitamins and amino acids will help your body to boost its metabolic rate and burn fat more easily.

    Doctor’s Exams and Support
    During Treatment

    With our weight loss program, you are never alone. After your initial exam, regular exams will be scheduled throughout your treatment program to monitor progress and ensure that you are losing weight at a healthy rate.

    Step Three:
    Regular Office Check-ups and Consultations

    Just like any other condition, overcoming obesity or being overweight will take time and coaching to produce optimal results. That’s why our program includes regular in-office checkups and consultations to monitor your progress and help you to stay on track. With Veritas Medical Center, your weight loss journey will never be done alone.

    Maintaining a healthy body and weight isn’t just about eating right; it’s about setting yourself up for success with the right information and professional advice. Making a major lifestyle change isn’t easy but we would love to help you achieve your weight and fitness goals!

    Call (714) 912-1020 today for a FREE Weight Loss Consultation!

    Medical Weight Loss - Med Spa - Veritas


    3340 E Chapman Ave
    Orange, CA 92869

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