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Lip Injections (Augmentation) in Orange County, CA

Lip Injections, Also Known as Dermal Fillers, Are One of the Hottest Trends in the Beauty Industry. If You Are Looking to Make Your Pout Even More Luscious and Full – Then It Is Time That You Schedule an Appointment With Our Expert Doctor at Veritas Medical Center! Here We Make Sure That You Are Taken Care of and That You Leave Happy. Call Us for More Information About Lip Augmentation.

Lip Injections (Augmentation) in Orange County, CA
Lip Injections (Augmentation) in Orange County, CA

Have you looked into the mirror lately and are starting to see the signs of aging? Come to Veritas Medical Center today for lip injections to help restore your lips to their full and luscious look. Also known as dermal fillers, our lip augmentation services can make sure your pout is perfect and rejuvenate your youthful appearance. Our board-certified doctors have years of experience with dermal fillers and lip injections. Come in today for a one on one consultation to see if this procedure is right for you! Our treatments are completely customizable to help you reach your goals!

What are dermal fillers and how are they used for lip injections?

Doctors use dermal fillers to restore fullness in treatment areas, in this case, your lips. This increased fullness reduces the lines that develop as you age, restoring your youthful appearance. Unlike in previous years, there are now a variety of different dermal fillers we can use for your lip injections. Each one has different properties to fit a different need. When you meet with our doctor one on one, we’ll determine what will best work for your goals.

Do dermal fillers need to be removed after my lip injection?

Not at all! The injection will naturally be absorbed into your body over time. The amount of time depends on the type of dermal filler we use for your lip injection at our med spa.

How do I know if dermal fillers are right for me?

Dermal fillers do a great job at reducing or eliminating lines or wrinkles around your mouth. If you’ve noticed that your mouth turns down when resting, dermal fillers may be the solution for you! We can restore your lips and eliminate nearby wrinkles as well!

What can I expect when I visit Veritas Medical Center for a lip injection in Orange County, CA?

Your lip injection will be administered at our state of the art med spa. You will receive your injection in a private room from one of our experienced specialists. Prior to this appointment you will review with our doctors any allergies you might have. You should see immediate results after an injection. This treatment will also stimulate the production of collagen which will extend the benefits for your treatment. You should expect little if any downtime from the session. How long a lip injection will last depends on many factors, including the brand of dermal filler your doctor chooses. You will discuss this and schedule any follow-up appointments when you visit our med spa.

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Do you have questions about our lip injection services or would you like to set up an appointment for a one on one consultation? Call our office today! We look forward to hearing from you!


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