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6 Reasons Medical Weight Loss Works

6 Reasons Medical Weight Loss Works in Orange, CA

Veritas Medical Wellness Center in Orange, CA can provide 6 reasons why our medical weight loss programs will help you lose weight and get you back to feeling your healthy self. Give us a call for more information.

6 Reasons Medical Weight Loss Works in Orange, CA
6 Reasons Medical Weight Loss Works in Orange, CA

Many people have tried to lose weight, either with simple dieting and exercise or with weight loss programs. Some of these people see some success, but others don’t. Sometimes the main problem these people face is with their approach weight loss. Dieting isn’t necessarily enough, and some weight loss programs out there just aren’t that effective.

The absolute best solution for weight loss is medically assisted weight loss. Medical weight loss starts with the proper approach that addresses a patient’s specific needs and weight loss goals. Medical weight loss is effective for other reasons too, so here at 6 reasons why OC medical weight loss works for patients.

1. Proper assessment helps a lot

Issues with weight can be complicated. A patient’s medical history could be a factor. Weight, diet, and exercise histories are also factors. A patient might be suffering from a medical condition that could be contributing to their weight issue, such as diabetes or a low thyroid level. Some medications could even be contributing to the issue.

It’s important to identify any underlying factors in an issue with weight because otherwise, a weight loss plan will only address the symptoms, and not necessarily the causes. We find that by addressing all of the factors involved, we can give the patient a much better chance of succeeding.

2. A medical weight loss program is personalized for you

Once we understand the factors involved in your weight issue, as well as your needs and weight loss goals, we can work on a proper weight loss program. This program will also address any psychological factors involved.

At a clinic like Veritas Medical Center, the input of our other professionals is welcome. These professionals are specialists in diet, fitness, general health, and even psychology. All of this input helps to ensure we provide a comprehensive weight loss plan for a patient.

3. We help our patients create an ideal diet for weight loss and the long term

Professional dieticians can help you create a short term weight-loss plan, as well as a long term plan you can rely on. Generally, these diets are low in calories and carbohydrates, which will help you lose weight and keep it off. We can even help you determine which foods you can both enjoy and eat regularly, or we can create a meal replacement plan for the short term that will be especially effective for weight loss.

4. We develop an ideal exercise routine for our patients

Habits and routine are very important with both diet and exercise. Some people just don’t like exercise, but we can help you find an exercise that will help you lose weight quickly, and that you can enjoy for years to come.

Sometimes simple lifestyle adjustments can make a world of difference. Sitting less and moving more can help a lot too. Our exercise plan will work wonderfully for you if you stick to it, and we can help you with behavioral control too.

5. We address other underlying issues too

Some patients struggle with motivation or psychological issues. We will help you address these issues, and can refer you for counselling if necessary. Weight loss requires a careful and comprehensive approach, and we provide that here at our clinic.

6. Assistance and monitoring are key

It helps a lot when a patient can lean on a professional for assistance. Our professionals will be here for you during your weight loss program in case you need advice or additional support. We will also monitor your results and provide consistent feedback so you will know how much progress you’re making and what areas to focus on more. With weight loss, it’s much easier if you’re not doing it alone.

We believe a medical weight loss program will work for you, and if you do too, then get in touch with us here at Veritas Medical Center. Call us to learn more about our weight loss programs or to book a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you put together an effective weight loss plan!